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BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR – LAW OFFICE provides its experience and knowledge in this field so that you can recover the unpaid debts. Our primary goal is to assure our clients the recovery of the entire amount due (with interest and penalties) as soon as possible and using the most efficient recovery tools.

In this regard, we make a careful analysis of each type of debt accepted for collection in order to identify the appropriate instrument recovery for each type of claim.

The experts of LAW PARTNERS will consider several factors, such as:

  • The type of product required for recovery (credit invoice);
  • The client’s profile;
  • The amount of the claim;
  • The steps already taken.
The recovery procedure used by us includes an amicable phase and, if appropriate, subsequent judicial phase, in the courts of Romania.
Pricing Policy approached by BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR - LAW OFFICE into this area is one based on success fees charged as a percentage of the amount actually recovered. PAY ATTENTION!! Success fees will be charged only if the outstanding amounts are recovered!

Amicable phase

We will notify the debtors both in writing and by phone using the numerous skills gained during our long experience, in order to determine the debtor to pay the outstanding debts.

Using various methods designed to create psychological pressure on the debtor, we manage to persuade the debtor to pay almost every single time!

Judicial stage (in front of the Romanian courts)

We will ensure successful debt recovery also in front of the courts.
This phase will be started strictly in case the debtor who has passed through the initial amicable procedure didn’t react positively.

Our specialists have a solid experience in debt recovery and also numerous internships in negotiation and communication, which provide us the ability to succeed in almost every case we manage.

We can provide you certainty about the following issues:

1. Our fees are among the most affordable on the market;
2. Success fees are paid only based on outstanding debt recovery;
3. Our success is the reflection of the procedures, experience and specialists engaged in these activities using the human factor as the main engine for recovery.

We are beside you throughout both phases, the amicable one and also the subsequent one - in front of the court, where we will represent your interests at every hearing.

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