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The development of any business is based on partnerships built on mutual trust and transparency, where each pawn plays an essential role because of the values ​​they contribute. In this landscape of partnerships, the role of a business attorney is essential.

The legal examination is becoming more and more necessary first because of the legal uncertainty generated by frequent legislative changes and secondly because of the contractual indiscipline and unfair conduct of the various participants in Business market in Romania.

BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR LAW OFFICE owns as a primary area of practice the corporate law, providing legal services at the highest standard regarding:

Incorporation and changing the company’s structure. Mergers and acquisitions

We offer legal assistance and representation services on:

incorporation of a commercial company (as well as branches / subsidiaries / representatives), offering as well all the necessary explanations in choosing the organization form and the structure of the company;
changing headquarters, opening or closing of secondary offices, assignment of shares, revocation of the administrators etc.;
drafting of statutory documents;
assisting shareholders in general assembly of the shareholders;
due diligence, legal assistance and representation in complex Merger and Acquisition(M & A) operations.

Negotiation and implementation of contracts

The experience that our lawyers have in the business market, the professionalism and the success we managed each project, recommends us on the Romanian business market, especially in the field of negotiation and implementation of commercial contracts.

The legal examination of the contracts between companies is absolutely necessary in order to create a legal certainty of the projects, whether we talk about regular contracts such as the sale, purchase, rental or providing services or more complex transactions such as Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPA), Joint ventures etc.

Relationships between shareholders and/ or between shareholders and administrators

Mutual trust and cooperation between shareholders in achieving the statutory objectives of the company are essential elements of the functioning of any company. The disappearance of these elements can generate either the exclusion of the culpable shareholder or the dissolution of the company.

Equally, the administrators must act in the company’s interest; otherwise they can be held liable for damages caused to the company.

With specialized expertise in the area of corporate law and extensive experience in the field, our attorneys at law are able to provide you the necessary legal support in managing the misunderstandings between shareholders and administrators both in the negotiation procedures and in the specific judicial proceedings, namely:

legal action in excluding a shareholder;
legal action in dissolving the company for serious misunderstandings between shareholders;
legal action in the liability of the administrators for the damages caused to the company.

Commercial litigation

The experience of our lawyers allows us to examine each case from different perspectives, the intuition determines us to anticipate the movements of our opponents and the creativity and solid knowledge gives us the advantage of adopting large-scale strategies that will significantly increase the chances of winning.

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