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The legal services provided by our team in this sector aim to diminish the negative effects which are reflected in the economic sphere of the company that is unable to meet its financial obligations and has debts and liabilities that exceed the combined value of all its assets. These situations have negative repercussions on the company customers, suppliers and last but not least, the employees of the company.

The experience and specialization of our attorneys is constantly growing through effective management of diverse litigations in this area. This diversity of issues challenges us to stay motivated!

In this regard, for each company on the verge of insolvency, for each client, we design and apply a different strategy, adequate and suitable for each legal and financial aspect that may arise from the entire procedure.

BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR – LAW OFFICE will ensure the professionalism and competence in managing the difficult situations faced by the companies in insolvency. Our work in the insolvency sector is driven by the client’s interests and demands, an activity designed to manage the crisis situations and to accelerate the economic processes and legal procedures so that the debt recovery will be swift and comprehensive.

Together with our clients we always start an „expedition” in which we go through every step needed to provide the necessary comfort for such a long and difficult process.
As a client we will provide you legal assistance and advice regardless of the position that you have in the insolvency proceedings – administrator, creditor, debtor, beneficiary – and even in a possible judicial reorganization or restructuring of your enterprise.

1. Are you a creditor and an insolvent company owes you money?
We will represent you in insolvency proceedings in order to recover the debt.

2. Have you been employed at a company that became insolvent?
We will represent you in order to register your claim in the statement of affairs.

3. Are you a creditor but you didn’t subscribe in the limitation period in the statement of affairs?
We will represent you by making a term reinstatement claim.

4. Are there other creditors involved in the proceedings with bigger claims than yours and there is a risk that you will not recover anything?
We will represent you in order to cancel the fraudulent acts that diminished the insolvent company’s assets.
We will represent you in order to recover the debt by contesting the improper statement of affairs.

5. Are you a creditor in the insolvency proceedings but the decisions are taken without you, or without you being consulted?
We will assist and represent you at the meeting of creditors in proceedings conducted by the judicial administrator or liquidator to ensure that your interests are respected.
We will assist and represent you in the negotiations on payment commitments or arrangements with creditors.

6. Are you the CEO of the company?

7. Do you consider that the only way out of the company’s critical situation is restructuring or bankruptcy?
We will assist and represent you in drafting applications for opening the insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy or judicial reorganization.
We will represent your interests in relation with the other creditors, with the judicial administrator or liquidator and in front of the Bankruptcy Court.
We will assist you in the coverage process of the company’s debts by transferring assets.
We will assist you to capitalize goods and assets through direct sales and through foreclosure procedures.

8. Are you the CEO or a member in the Board of Directors of an insolvent company?

9. Do you know that you can be held liable for the company’s insolvency?

10. Do you know that this liability can be enforced on your personal belongings?
We will assist and represent you in order to avoid the situation in which you can be held liable for the company’s debt.

We are together with our clients throughout the entire insolvency procedures and we will represent you in all of these proceedings at every hearing, until the preservation of your rights has been fully accomplished.

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