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If you need lawyers specialized in family law services, the fact that you are interested in our legal services will already bring you one step closer to success.

Our team has the best formed lawyers in the area of matrimonial law, with extensive experience in divorce, exercise of parental authority, accessory claims and partition of matrimonial goods.

We are prepared and competent to manage these hard situations, providing you the most practical and efficient services in this area.

Remember that your decision regarding the lawyer to manage your divorce lawsuit or child custody is crucial! In this area you cannot afford mistakes, because we are talking about your future, your family’s future and your children’s future, and this lawsuits decide if you are going to have them by your side or not.

Do not hesitate to contact a specialized attorney in this field for a legal consultation; we are the ones able to give you legal advice. Do not rely on the „good” advice that you receive from your acquaintances; they will not be the ones to bear the disastrous consequences of decisions taken without a specialist’s legal opinion.

One thing is certain: you do not want our attorneys to be your opposing counsels. You do not want us to be your spouse’s lawyers.

Contacting us will help you find answers to questions that are bothering you lately, like:

1. How much a divorce lawsuit does lasts?
2. How much is the legal fee for a divorce lawsuit based on the complexity of the procedure?
3. Which of the parents has more chances to obtain the privilege of keeping the child at his/her place?
4. What involves the concept of joint parental authority?
5. What should I do so that the child will still live at my place?
6. What income must I have so that the court will let the child live at my place?
7. How often can I visit my child?
8. Who can I call in a divorce lawsuit to be my witness?
9. How much do I have to pay alimony to my children in case of divorce?
10. What can I do if the court has already decided with whom will my child live?
11. How much time must we live together so that I can have rights on my concubine’s belongings?
12. What goods fall into the partition lawsuit?
13. Who will live in the matrimonial house after the divorce?
14. Who will pay the bank loan after the separation?
15. How is the divorce lawsuit affecting the partition lawsuit between the ex spouses?

As a client you will get confidentiality, you will get your own divorce attorney which will be personally dedicated to manage the whole procedure in your best interest.

Did you know?

1. That you can file for divorce even if you are not in the country?
2. That is sufficient in this case to submit only your lawyer to represent you interests?
3. That after 20 years of marriage, if you are guilty for the divorce you will have to pay money for the rest of your life to your ex spouse?
4. That you can increase or reduce your child’s alimony?

What can we do for you in a divorce lawsuit?

Prior legal consultation

on: exercise of the parental authority, the minor’s home after the divorce, establishing the visit program, fixing your alimony, the wife’s name after the divorce and compensatory benefits;

Submitting the statement of defense

to the divorce file;

Drafting the power of attorney

in order to legally represent citizens living abroad who wish to divorce in Romania but they are not in the country;

Drafting a counterclaim

to the divorce petition;

Drafting the divorce petition

along with all necessary documents;

Submitting the counterclaim

to the divorce file;

Submitting the divorce petition

to the family court;

Legal assistance and representation in negotiations

concerning accessory claims on the manner of the parental authority exercise, child visit program, alimony;

Drafting the statement of defense (for the respondent spouse)

along with all necessary documents;

Legal assistance and representation

in court during the entire lawsuit, at every hearing.

What can we do for you in a separation lawsuit?

Prior legal consultation

concerning the best way to achieve separation of assets following the client’s interests;

Legal assistance and representation

in possible negotiations with the opposing party on how to share common goods;

Drafting a partition action

along with all the necessary documents and evidence requests;

Legal assistance and representation

in court during the entire lawsuit, at every hearing.

Submitting the partition action

to the competent court;

The vast experience of our team can also help you with:

  • actions concerning determination or denial of paternity of the child born in time of the marriage or before;
  • actions concerning national or international adoption;
  • actions regarding the procedure of recognition/transcription in Romania of divorces conducted abroad;
  • actions on legalization, apostille and certified translation of civil status documents and relevant court decisions in this regard.

We can also help you obtain civil status documents and papers even if you are not in the country:

  • The decree of dissolution, marriage certificates, birth certificates, certificate provided by art master. 39 of Regulation No. 2201/2003, certificates of celibacy.
We will assist and represent you before the public notary and in front of the public administration institutions in order for you to sign the documents that will safeguard your interests.

Contact us and make sure you are first, before your spouse gets us to be your opposing counsels!

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