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Are you willing to start your own business but don’t know the legal steps for the incorporation procedure or the bureaucracy creates you some inconvenience?

Do you need an opinion of a specialist in order to develop your business or to make changes regarding the Company’s structure?

Our vast experience allows us to provide you innovative ideas and suggestions for optimizing your business management both through permanent legal advice and by offering adequate solutions for your business plan.

We invite you to contact one of LAW PARTNERS’s attorneys in order to receive legal advice, assistance and legal representation or drafting of all the necessary documents regarding:

1. Incorporating a company or an authorized natural persons (ANP) or family enterprise;

2. Shareholders’ structure of national companies;

3. Amendment of articles of incorporation, namely:
– Registering your company logo,
– Changing the legal form of your company,
– Changing the registered office,
– Opening / closing a secondary office,
– Changing the main activity object,
– Authorizing your company’s economic activities,
– Increasing / reduction of share capital,
– Assignment of shares towards the existing shareholders or towards third parties;
– Changing the management structure,
– Shareholders exclusion or withdrawal,
– Temporary suspension of a company’s activity,
– The transformation of a joint stock company with registered office and central administration within the European Union into an European Company;
– Any other changes required by client.

4. Restructuring your Business (consolidation merger, merger by absorption, partial or total division);

5. Dissolution and liquidation of companies, of authorized natural persons (ANP) or family enterprise, of branches or subsidiaries.

Our team will totally support you in solving any problems which obstruct the development of your business plans and will permanently keep you informed about the latest legislative changes with potential impact on your business.

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