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Complying with legal requirements of the employment law is essential both for ensuring the proper function of your company and for avoiding sanctions provided by law, which may be pecuniary (fines) or even criminal, involving the criminal liability for both society and individuals guilty of committing the offense.

The attorneys of BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR – LAW OFFICE have assisted and represented clients in labor law area in the most complex cases. Permanently oriented in finding the most reliable solutions meant to achieve the success of our clients, we have represented their interests in non-compete litigations, collective negotiations and also provided legal assistance in drafting the legal documents for posting the workers.


whatever kind of problems you encounter:

need a disciplinary dismissal of your employees, need legal assistance at the collective negotiations, you are a victim of an unfair or wrongful dismissal and need to be reinstated on your position etc., do not hesitate to contact us in order to obtain immediate and professional legal help in solving your problems!


Legal assistance regarding the collective negotiations


drafting the collective contracts and all the related documents, representation in collective negotiations, representation in front of the Labor Authority in order to register the collective contracts;

Legal assistance and representation regarding the dismissal procedure

drafting the disciplinary dismissal documents/ the collective dismissal documents, the economical dismissal documents etc.;

Legal advice regarding the procedure of posting the workers

especially referred to:

daily allowance, travel expenses, accommodation costs, the conditions of avoiding double taxation and maintaining the Romanian social security system, obtaining the A1 document, drafting the legal documents for posting the workers;

Legal assistance and representation in labor litigations

requests for paying the overtime, requests for cancelling a wrongful dismissal decision etc.

Legal assistance in drafting the full employment documents

which is:

employment contracts, job application letter, statements of the employees, job description, special clauses in employment contracts (confidentiality clause, non-compete clause, mobility clause etc.), internal regulations of the company;

Legal advice on working time

leave, wages, REVISAL, health and safety, maternity and paternity, overtime compensation, work accidents etc.;

Legal assistance and representation regarding the disciplinary procedure

including drafting the necessary documents;

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