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In the current logistic context, in Romania, the transportation sector represents the center of various implementation and development policies.

The need for expansion and improvement of transport infrastructure in Romania has led to a strict framework, which requires both compliance with EU regulations and national legislation.

The success of a player on the transportation market involves both adapting to the requirements of the public institutions and assuring the legal protection of the business.

The attorneys of BRANCOV SIMIONESCU TODOR LAW OFFICE have a rich expertise and competence in the field of transportation, offering its clients both legal precautions as well as pertinent solutions in the event of litigation.

Our clients consider that the legal expertise in the field of transport is imperative, especially in the contractual matters, for the purpose of drafting the transport orders, the transport and the expedition contracts.

The legal services are materializing through:

Legal assistance and representation

on incorporating a commercial company, with transport profile;

Legal assistance and representation

in obtaining the transport license or the related authorizations, which are necessary for developing the activity under legal conditions;

Legal assistance and representation

on obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO);


transport contracts, expedition contracts and transport orders;


on simplifying customs formalities;

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