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The development of information and communications technologies enables companies and individuals to communicate and transact with other parties electronically, instantaneously and internationally.

This process gives rise to a variety of legal and regulatory issues, from the validity of electronic methods of contracting and the security risks inherent in them, to concerns over cybercrime and the ability to protect intellectual property rights online.

The legal examination of these issues is necessary into five distinct areas:

Legal infrastructure

which considers some of the regulatory facilitators for electronic commerce, the platforms in which it operates and market liberalization.

Legal certainty

which examines the legal status of electronic communications and forms of contracting, specifically the need to explicitly recognize the validity, enforceability and admissibility of electronic means of executing legal acts.

Legal security

which examines the security risks inherent in an electronic environment and considers the methods used to overcome these, in particular the use of digital signatures and certification services.

Legal protection

which reviews intellectual property rights and how such intangible property is protected in an online environment, as well as the consumer protection issues which the Internet raises.

Cyber crime

which examines the development of cybercrime and the regulatory approaches to criminalizing such harmful conduct and ensuring that law enforcement are able to investigate and prosecute offenders.

Telecom services:

  • Legal assistance for obtaining the authorization for networks and services;
  • Legal assistance on negotiating and drafting the agreements for access and interconnection;
  • Legal assistance on drafting the Reference interconnection offers (RIO);
  • Legal assistance for the access and use of radio frequencies or for obtaining the licenses for the use of radio frequencies;
  • Legal assistance regarding the implementation of the National Numbering Plan;
  • Legal assistance and strategy for the security and integrity of electronic communications networks and services;
  • Drafting the agreements with customers;
  • Legal assistance and representation in relation with ANCOM.

IT services:

  • Legal assistance for obtaining the acquisition of software licenses;
  • Legal Assistance regarding the electronic commerce;
  • Legal assistance regarding the sale and purchase of special software O.E.M.;
  • Drafting the contracts for software usage;
  • Legal assistance on obtaining tax facilities for IT employees (exemption from payment of income tax);
  • Legal assistance for protecting the copyright and intellectual property rights in IT;
  • Legal assistance and representation for transferring the copyright in IT;

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