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When it comes to drafting a contract or agreeing with one, from typical contracts used in the current activity to public contracts or complex commercial contracts, the legal advice of a specialized attorney is essential in order to attain the settled goals.

Our theoretical expertise, combined with years of practical experience in the civil and commercial contracts, gives us the advantage of providing adapted contracts so that the client’s exposure to the inherent risks is minimized.


whatever type of agreement you want to conclude

we invite you to contact our specialized attorneys in order to obtain the most viable recommendations for drafting or reviewing the following categories of contracts:

Public acquisitions contract

Free tenancy agreements

Sale-purchase agreements

Mandate contracts

The promises to sell

Agency agreements

Framework agreements

for the supply of goods or services

Intermediation agreements

Building contracts

Storage contracts

Lohn contracts

Loan agreements

Custody agreements

Bank contracts

Administration contracts

Insurance contracts

Transport contracts

Annuity contracts

Civil conventions

(contracts signed with an individual as service provider)

Maintenance contracts

Tenancy / Lease agreements

Real estate exchange agreements

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